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Wool rugs are one of those home decor items that help bring out the luxury of a room and help decorate the room as well. We often see each other in TV dramas and sometimes movie series, there will also be a selection of fur rugs as props on the set. which is considered the main element that, if missing, makes the overall picture of the scene look dull In addition to helping with beauty, it also helps in terms of feeling (Touch Mood), a soft and smooth surface when the feet are touched as well. It can be said that young people and young women are looking for a piece of home decoration. Do not forget to look for a fur rug to decorate the room tightly. Or your bedroom? Combining fur rugs and furniture such as leather sofas If you are interested in looking for wool rugs, cow fur rugs, living room rugs. Bedroom carpets can see our products at or contact us immediately.
It's not uncommon for many people to want a leather sofa for their home. Because in addition to the look that looks beautiful, classic, timeless good leather sofa It is also known for its comfort and ease of cleaning. Just dusting and wiping with a damp cloth once in a while is enough for general care. Unlike a fabric sofa, it collects dust and has to be washed regularly. But for the reason of price, the first question that comes up when thinking about buying a leather sofa is inevitable about the value between a genuine leather sofa and an artificial leather sofa. Because genuine leather sofas cost a lot more than artificial leather. While artificial leather is being used more and more nowadays. with a beautiful appearance and close to genuine leather This article will take you to find the answer that Compared with the features, what are the advantages and disadvantages of genuine leather and artificial leather? in order for you to consider that Which sofa is more worth your investment and conditions? 1. beauty Picture 1 Inside the article, genuine leather sofa. “Nature creates, never duplicate.” What happens naturally? There will be a unique beauty like no other. The morning sky was never the same. Just as each piece of genuine leather has its own unique character, hues, patterns, and minor imperfections, these are the charms that cannot be found in faux leather. In addition to the unique identity that is not the same Over time, real leather sofas will also appear patterns. color intensity including wrinkles that change according to use Make it more attractive to look more dimensional. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that a genuine leather sofa is a living furniture that reflects the story happening in the room. As for the faux leather sofa, although it doesn't have a pattern that changes with the environment like real leather, But when it is known that artificial leather, which can be produced by itself It has the advantage that there are often more color and texture options. and if it is a good quality artificial leather It can imitate the colors of genuine leather fairly well. What's more, some people might see that faux leather looks simple, no patterns and no natural flaws like genuine leather that many people find charming. 2. Touch surface Picture 2 Inside the article, genuine leather sofa. One of the features of genuine leather that synthetic leather production technology has not matched with is the breathability. Since synthetic leather is a synthetic material, it is usually made of two main materials: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU (polyurethane). If you take a closer look It can be noticed that the dermis has a lot of pores, allowing sweat well. The leather sofa is comfortable to sit on. Give your skin a good touch because it's not hot, stuffy or greasy. If assembled with a wooden frame and standard seat cushions The real leather sofa will give you the most flexible and comfortable feeling. What's more, the more you use it, the softer it is. Because the nature of genuine leather becomes softer with frequent exposure. 3. Service life Picture 3 Inside the article, genuine leather sofa. Leather is one of the most durable materials. If through the bleaching process and preparing materials that meet the standards of experts as well as being properly and regularly cared for not to be dry and crispy not in the sun or heat A genuine leather sofa will last for decades without fading. while synthetic leather will have an average lifespan of 5-10 years, depending on the grade of the material. when the expiration date Artificial leather will flake into sheets. This makes it look unattractive and clings to your skin or clothing. making it necessary to replace the new one immediately The right sofa is the one that best suits you. read here As you can see, real leather sofas are of higher quality. and comes with a higher price to pay Because genuine leather has a distinctive feature that cannot be found from faux leather sofas: “The more you use it, the more beautiful it becomes, the more soft it is.” We recommend that you consider your objectives primarily. If you look at long-term use Investing in a genuine leather sofa is definitely a better option. Unless you are bored easily, on a tight budget, or are looking for a sofa to decorate a shop or a room that is not important or used often. but insists that he wants a classic look from leather rather than fabric It's not wrong to choose a faux leather sofa or consider turning to a beautiful fabric sofa instead. The most important thing that we would like to emphasize is that Do not forget that sofas are large pieces of furniture that do not change often. Just like any other household item, so whether you choose a genuine leather sofa or faux leather, Should have to check the quality of the material. standardized purification process including the elaboration of sewing well This ensures that you have chosen the most worthwhile and suitable for yourself. Thank you for information from:
1. Natural material In 2021, it is predicted that Using natural materials such as wood, stone, glass, glass, metal and natural fabrics come to the interior will be more popular because it is easy to reach people keep the house warm natural And reminiscent of the outside environment. In the past few years, natural materials have always been incorporated into the home decor. The materials that experts expect to be popular in the coming year are real wood, not painted. rattan furniture, ceramics, woven fabrics, and various stones, including those related to Nature such as pictures of birds, pictures of leaves, pictures of trees, and pictures of flowers, etc. 2. Metal material The use of metal to decorate the house should become a popular trend again in 2021 because in addition to being strong, durable and practical, it is also beautiful, chic, and not light at all. Importantly, metal is considered an auspicious decoration in the coming year. It was originally only used in the bathroom or kitchen. But now it is widely used in every room. Especially brass and copper, which have been very popular lately because they can be combined with a variety of other materials. If metal really hits the market next year, it's expected that it will play a big part in making industrial style popular again. 3. Light wood, Scandinavian style Light wood is one of the trends that will hit the market in 2021 as well. This light color is commonly seen in Scandinavian home decor, but has recently started to be applied more and more. Because it helps to make the house bright but warm. It is also beautiful, comfortable and natural. Importantly, in addition to the flooring Can also be used on walls, ceilings, or to make items - home decorations that are quite chic. 4. Luxurious decoration Elegance, majesty, sophistication is another trend to watch. It is expected to be a blend of classic and modern decor. Focus on allocating space perfectly. Use a classy tone use multiple mirrors Use luxury furniture Including metal, marble, real wood and velvet furnishings to add sophistication to the space. as well as elevating the perspective to be more strange 5. Patterned wall Another trend that is expected to be hot in 2021 is the wall with patterns such as wall coverings, tiling. polishing mortar use of natural wood and wallpaper installation because it can add playfulness and sophistication to the room It also makes the atmosphere interesting, different from ordinary simple walls. Importantly, it helps to add some old furniture to look more expensive separately. 6. Various color tones For the color trends of houses that should be popular in 2021, quite diverse. We can apply these colors to be applied to walls, furniture, home decorations and household items. The samples of colors that experts expect to be popular are as follows: - Sea Blue : It is a color that gives both a feeling of peace, relaxation, and comfort. It is also the color of the year's auspicious home according to feng shui principles. - Navy Blue : a dark color that combines contemporary luxury. It is believed that it should easily become a trend. - Gray : a color that is comfortable on the eyes Helping to connect modernity with luxury perfectly. - Neutral colors: such as cream, brown, a tone that never goes out of fashion. Because it adds warmth, livability and friendliness to the home as well. 7. Sustainable Design Today's interior designs tend to focus on sustainability such as recycling, reusable materials. The use of materials that have little impact on the environment And the use of new bioplastics (New Bioplastics), so it is a trend that is likely to be strong in the coming year. It is inevitable that the design is eco-friendly and environmentally friendly for sure. 8. Arts and Crafts Home decoration arts and crafts applications will begin to play an increasingly important role until making it back to being a trend and being popular again As people nowadays yearn for, realize and see the value of handmade more and more.
Creating a rock atmosphere or vibe can be created using furniture or accessories made of leather. just a small piece like door handles, shelves, pillowcases, or using leather furniture. Just now our room looks cool in rock style. Today we will recommend some ideas for decorating your home with leather to add a simple rock. 1. The handle is made of leather. Using leather handles to decorate the door or wardrobe Can add a rock to the wardrobe perfectly, not too outstanding. 2. Leather decorations such as tissue boxes Leather coasters Can be used to decorate the table in the living room that is empty. look more stylish 3. Shelves Let's try to tie our existing leather straps to the old empty floor at home, we will get a new one that has more charm. 4. Little decorations Pillows, bedspreads, sofa covers, these little things, just we cover them with leather to make our room look cool. charming in rock 5. The curtains are made of leather. Using a curtain made of leather In addition to the style of decoration, there are also Mystery makes our house look cool in another way too. 6. The walls are covered with leather. Choosing wall paneling in the living room will allow people to come to our house to see and express ourselves clearly what kind of person we are. 7. Furniture Adding charm to your room by using leather sofas and chairs will make your room more elegant and distinctive. It can be seen that 'leather' is an item that can decorate the house. to add a cool aura very well, but most 'movies' are expensive difficult to maintain Let's turn to high-quality synthetic leather. as another option to decorate the house to look stylish at a reasonable price Thank you for good information from:
Even though attaching a picture frame is not a new idea at all, many people choose this method to decorate their homes. Because you can do it yourself and it's very easy, just choose the picture you like. That's it, the walls of your home will instantly look alive. If you want to be unique in your own style You have to do the decoration yourself. by bringing everything Let's mix and create a new renovation. such as bringing old furniture come to the wall near the bathroom Considered to be a good addition to the game ever. Buying a showcase can waste a lot of space. So try a wooden box attached to the wall can help. Maybe add a little gimmick to make it not boring. In addition to being able to add beauty Can also be used as a bookshelf. Wall decoration with bricks It can divide the private area very well as well. It also creates an atmosphere in the house that looks indie as well. Can be used to support a variety of activities Make it interesting to look monotonous. Thank you for good information from :