Order details

Order details: 

1. Inquire about the products you are interested in.
You can inquire about the products you are interested in. Whether it's our furniture, wall coverings, home decorations, etc. and tell us the quantity you need. or area specs, etc., so that we can quickly assess the design and estimate the price for you And if you already have artwork, you can send it to us for an estimate as well.
**What you should prepare**
- desired product form / request a product design for us to offer
- If there is artwork, you can attach files for us to evaluate immediately.
- If there is a number of products or budget, please inform the staff immediately.
- *Information for contacting back through other channels such as Phone number, Email

2. Enter the price making process using 1-3 business days.

3. Installer and design team to measure the area on site

4. Design team, draft artwork to finalize the design for you to confirm.

5. Price summary (issue quotation)

6. The customer confirms the order and starts production.

Note: The production time depends on the site, please inquire directly with the staff.